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Daytona Beach Wedding Venues

So, you have agreed to walk down the isle. And after you have stopped to breath for a bit, it will be time to start your journey throughout the Daytona Beach area to look for your various professional vendors. One of the first things on your mind, if you are the bride, is probably your wedding gown. There are some details to make decisions on including your color scheme, décor, and theme. But one of your most important vendors to find and book early on in your planning is your wedding venue. You are probably wondering what you should look for in your reception location. Well, we have a few suggestions there are we hope helps. Keep this helpful hints with you whenever you go to visit a potential venue. The information you glean from them will help lead you to a wedding venue that will make your special day enjoyable for all.

The first thing you need to find out from each venue manager as you are taking your venue tours is if the room is large enough to accommodate all that will be going on. Keep in mind that when you first walk into a room, it may look quite large when it is empty. But you are going to be adding a number of items that will fill it up quite rapidly. For instance, you are going to need tables, chairs, a bar, a buffet setup, and room for dancing. Have a discussion with the manager based on the number of guests you are going to be having at your wedding. In addition, while you are standing there, find out where past weddings have setup the various areas mentioned above. Are there logical spaces for each to be setup based on electrical outlets or the shape of the room perhaps?

The right lighting can add quite a bit to the mood of your reception. Depending on whether your reception is in the daytime or nighttime, try to determine how the lighting will affect the overall room. For instance, if you are having a daytime wedding, are there plenty of windows to let the natural light in? For a nighttime event, make sure that the lighting is not too dim. Try to visit the venue at the time of day that your reception will be if at all possible. What about the décor? When your guests first walk in, what will they see? Is there artwork that you really like or architectural details that fit in perfectly with your wedding theme? Or does everything clash with what your vision is? How much can the décor be modified? Will they allow your to bring your wedding look to the venue? If it is going to cost you a good deal to do this, you may want to look elsewhere. What about the acoustics? Find out when your vendors be allowed inside for setup.

Check out the parking lot. Are there plenty of spaces for the number of vehicles that you will have? Most people do not usually consider bathrooms, but you want to check them out for yourself and count the number of toilets. If there is an inordinate number of guests to toilet ratio, that could be a real deal breaker. Are there dressing rooms to allow you and your fiance and the wedding party to change? What about a place where unruly children can be taken? Is the venue handicapped accessible? Who will be supplying the tables, chairs, china, silverware, and glassware? Do they have a liquor license? Would it be more economical if you brought your own? More than likely the manager will show you a number of package deals that they offer. Can these be customized? This may seem like a lot to go through when looking for your reception venue, but believe us when we tell you that it is worth it because in the end you will be enjoying all of your reception festivities in the perfect fit for you.

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