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If there ever was a place that contained amazing landscaping, it is the Daytona Beach area. This is part of what makes the area such a wonderful place to get married. Add to this beautiful backdrop your own amazingly designed flowers and you have an absolutely complete picture that will wow everyone including you. But to get to that complete picture, you will need the help of a professional florist. Do not try and do this job yourself. A lot of people have tried and a lot of people have pulled their hair out wishing that had not headed down that road. There is a lot more details to account for than you probably realize. It is warm here almost 365 days a year and even when it is not, florists still sweat setting up outside. You many deal with warming out and sweating on her big day, changing her hair humidity and creating sweaty scalp. Is it worth it? Probably not. Not to mention in the hot months heat stroke. The choices are certainly endless and creating an overall design that coordinates with each other takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time. The local florist know how to process our blooms when they come in so that they may survive, ac to hotel, to hot full blasting sun with no water, to reception ac. Blooms are also all cut differently for maximum hydration which is key to long lasting. They are many tricks to our trade which support the end results in perfect blooms. This only comes with fantastic training and years of experience. Then, don't forget, you have to also make your bridal bouquets. The people who design floral arrangements are well trained and have an eye for floral design. The best way you can possibly find the wedding florist that will fulfill your vision is to sit down with potential candidates and ask them some essential questions that will reveal the best person for you.

So where do you begin. There are probably some florists in your neck of the woods. Maybe there is one that you drive by all of the time on your way home from work. You could stop by one day and ask them if they design arrangements for weddings. You could also ask your circle of friends, family and coworkers if they have attended any weddings lately where the flowers were unbelievable. Of course there is always the online route as well. You will get hundreds of results when you do a Google search for “wedding florists in the Daytona Beach area.” From all of these sources you should be able to pull a number of promising candidates. Call each one to ask if there is a time that they can meet you to talk about your floral needs.

Find out how long they have been working on weddings. There is no substitute for having someone who knows the ins and out of wedding flowers work on your wedding designs. You want to be sure they have designed floral arrangements for a number of weddings. Find out why they got into the business? What do they feel separates them from other floral designers? Do they design floral arrangements for other events other than weddings? Is floral design their passion? Ask them to show you images of past wedding work. Do you like their designs? Can you see yourself working with them? Do you think that the have the talent and the skills that will create something that you will like and be proud of? Ask them to describe their style. Delve into this a bit more and ask them if they feel they are so wedded to a certain style that they would have a hard time creating anything outside of that style. How can they help you save money? Can they recreate designs from pictures you could give them? What about items like vases, aisle runners, candelabras, trees, votives, mirrors and more? Are they able to provide you with these kinds of items to enhance the designs. Many brides find styled shoots or glam weddings where there is a $10,000 floral budget and then have $1,000 in their pocket. This is obviously a huge difference, but the right florist can use that as inspiration.

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Tell them what your floral budget is, don't be afraid. Will they be able to do what you want done within your parameters? How long will they take to setup everything? Will they be there on your wedding day? Do they mind coordinating everything with your venues? Do they require a deposit? When is the balance of your payment due and what kind of payment methods will they accept. Now that you have gathered all of this great information, it is time to make a choice. We wish you well with your final decision.

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