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Daytona Beach Wedding Cakes

When you hear people talk about destination weddings, certainly Daytona Beach is near the top of the list if not on the top. Daytona Beach is the ultimate location for your ceremony and for your reception. Whether you are planning an intimate affair or a huge wedding, this is truly where dreams come true. And part of your dreams most assuredly incorporates the most amazingly designed and decorated wedding cake. You probably have never had to shop for a wedding cake or for that matter, a wedding cake designer and baker. Well, that is quite alright because we are here to help you as much as we possibly can. Below you will find a wedding cake guide with tips on how to find a wedding cake designer that will provide you with the services that will you will be totally satisfied with.

In terms of timing, you want to order your cake around six months before your wedding day if possible. Obviously, there are certain details that you will want to know before you talk to any potential cake designers. For one, you should have an estimate of the number of guests that will be attending your wedding. You also want to know your color scheme and have your venue booked. When you meet with a potential baker, take your time as you flip through their images of past wedding cake designs they have created. Do you like the designers abilities and creativity? Can you make a team together? Do you feel like you have a connection with them?

You will want to bring to each interview images of what you like and what you don't like. Also, have pictures of your dress and your venue. They should be able to provide you with some ideas or possibilities based on this information. You will also want to discuss flavors and types of toppings. If you really like how the conversation is going, ask to have a tasting setup so you can get a sense of what could be done for your wedding. But if they don't really seem to be listening to you or they just override everything you are saying, cross them off of your list and move onto the next candidate.

When it comes to the frosting on the cake, it is important that you discuss not only taste, but also how well certain frostings will hold up for any lengthy period of time both out of the refrigerator as well as at an outdoor venue. There are a variety of frostings used on wedding cakes, including different buttercreams, cream cheese, meringues, and fondant. Other things that you will need to discuss with the potential baker are things like, “How large of a cake are you going to need? He or she should be able to tell you the size based on the number of guests you are going to be having. When it comes to baking, you want to ask them point blank if they freeze pre-made layers. This is something you want to avoid because sometimes you may be sacrificing taste for speed. Lastly, in terms of price, remember that this will probably be the most expensive cake you will ever purchase. Wedding cakes cost in the area of $2.75 to $20 per serving. How much a baker designer charges is based on both the complexity of the design and how labor intensive the cake is to make. Once you finish with all of your interviews, sit down and compare what each wedding cake baker designer has told you. More than likely, you will take a liking to one of the candidates. Be sure your candidate doesn't display any rude behavior! If you need to choose between two, we suggest that you let your gut lead you. One last piece of advice, do not operate without a signed contract that spells out what services you will receive. We wish you well with your search.

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