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Daytona Beach Wedding Caterers

It is truly like a fairy tale come true. When you think about a perfect marriage, what about having your wedding in an amazing setting like Daytona Beach. The location and the amenities available in the area will truly astound you. You will make beautiful memories together in such a perfect setting. But while the area is one of the best possible backdrops you could have for your nuptials, there is still much to be done in terms of wedding planning and getting all of the vendors that will help you to pull off the wedding of your dreams. One of the most important vendors you need to find for your big day is your caterer. The importance of food and drink cannot be overstated. Everybody loves great food and drink and in order to find the caterer who will do right by you and your guests you need to do some intense investigation to find the right one. So, when you meet with a number of potential caterers in the Daytona Beach area, you will want to be armed with the right questions to ask so that you can gain real insight into the service that they will be able to provide to you and your guests. To help you in your search, here are the questions we feel are essential for you to ask when you meet with any potential caterer.

The first thing that you need to find are some potential caterers to check out. An online search might provide you with some interesting candidates. You can also ask anybody you know that was recently married. Also, if you have any of your other vendors already booked, they can be a good resource as well. Once you have a working list, arrange to do some interviewing. You will want to do a lot of talking about menus. You need to know if the menus are set or is there some flexibility. Depending on what you want, this could be a huge issue or none at all. If you have an old family recipe that means a lot to you and that you would like to have as part of your wedding menu, ask the caterer is this could be incorporated into your menu. Find out if they have a specialty in terms of the cuisine they offer. Do they have dishes that are more popular than others?

What does their services cost? Make sure they are telling you the bottom line. Is the gratuity built into the total cost or will that still be expected? What about linens, utensils, dishes and glassware? Are they included or do you have to rent these items separately? We recommend that you arrange for a tasting so you can experience first-hand what the prospective caterer is capable of. What about special dietary considerations? If you're having a lot of children guests at your wedding, you might want to ask is they can provide children's selections. Another issue that is fairly standard is for you to provide meals to your other vendors like your photographer, band, etc. Find out if they have no problem with this.

A very important question is, do they count on a liquor license? Would it be better if you supplied the alcohol or if they did? If you do provide the alcohol, does the caterer charge a corkage fee? Will they provide a bartender? You want to make sure that the caterer carries insurance. One thing that is a must is to make sure there will be someone onsite who will serve as a contact. Also, find out how many staff members they will have serving. Is the ratio of staff to guests to your liking. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to bring it up now. You cannot ask too many questions. We hope this guide leads you to the caterer who is a perfect fit for your wedding needs.

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